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About The NACBM

The National Association of Collegiate Basketball Managers was founded in 2011 by Kyle Lyddy, a manager for the University of Connecticut's Men's Basketball team from 2005-2009. The formation of the association was to create a support system for Division I Men's & Women's Basketball Managers throughout the United States and to act as a networking platform for current and former managers.

The association's goal is to place current and former managers in a position to succeed and provide a platform for managers to collaborate. Although we feel it's important the management position remains "behind the scenes" we do recognize the amount of work that goes in to the role.

Our Purpose

The National Association of Collegiate Basketball Managers' purpose is to show value in the managerial position by unifying current and former managers through networking opportunities and assistance with career advancement both in the game of basketball and outside of the game.

It is the hope that members will find ease in communicating with current and former men's and women's managers through our TeamworksApp communication partner. This was built in an effort to search job postings, post resumes and find like-minded individuals to communicate with. Networking is a major component to advancing careers, and employers want to hire individuals with the background of a manager.

Our Team

Executive Director / Founder - Kyle Lyddy

University of Connecticut '09

Lyddy is a 2009 graduate of the University of Connecticut where he finished with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. While at Connecticut, Kyle was a traveling manager for the Men's Basketball team under head coach Jim Calhoun. As a senior at UConn, he accompanied the Huskies to the Final Four in Detroit, Michigan where they fell in the National Semifinal to Michigan State.

Lyddy built the NACBM in an effort to be certain that current and former managers have a platform to communicate and are networking throughout their time at the collegiate level, while engaging former managers whose career path has been productive to assist in career advancement.

Lyddy is from Newtown, Connecticut where he is a graduate of Newtown High School and currently is employed at Match Marketing Group, Inc. in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Our Partners

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