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As we grow our ideas and our network, we will continue to ensure we are a resource for both current and former managers.

Our organization welcomes individuals to join and brainstorm ideas to make managerial positions more efficient, help create initiatives to make a difference both locally & nationally, and network with each other to build successful careers after graduation.

The NACBM Congress represents each Division I school. Participants are selected via an application process. These leaders help organize and brainstorm ideas, disseminate information and act as a liaison between the NACBM and conferences across America. Those interested in participating should email Executive Director at klyddy@nacbm.org

2017 Final Four Brunch

Final Four Networking Event in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ

The NACBM hosted 80 current and former managers at a Final Four Brunch at the Phoenix Convention Center on Sunday, April 2 from 11AM - 1PM. Speakers included former managers Drew Boe (Managers on a Mission, Minnesota), Andy Farrell (Rising Coaches Elite, Dayton Assistant) and Daniel Marks (Current front office of the Milwaukee Bucks).

2017 - 2018

NACBM Congress


Members interested in taking a leadership role in their conference - organizing and brainstorming ideas, disseminating information and acting as a liaison between the NACBM and conferences across America, should email klyddy@nacbm.org.

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